Pa&Co Design

Arredi e complementi artistici su misura


Our company was born from the passion and the intent to design and produce furniture and accessories tailored strongly characterized by a natural design in the proposed materials and plastic wraps in organic forms. Everything is handmade in our workshop to create something unique every time.

The main protagonist is wood, the natural material par excellence. It is rugged, warm, charming and is especially alive! Each essence has its particular grain, its color, its varieties.

In contrast with the warmth of wood we propose different inserts and finishes types. For example, the crystal structure that makes "light" support on the ground of an interior, or marbles and slates that embellish the finish of furniture for living room and bathroom.

Finally, we use a plastic material of excellent workmanship that is commonly called plexiglass. Satin transparent or pigmented meta-acrylate can be heat-curved and can take the most specific organic shapes mainly proposed in our lighting or sinuous modular bookcases.

We wish to emphasize that all our production is environmentally sustainable in every point of view: the use of timber from as far as possible sustainable forestry economies, the process of production ecological, protective treatment of the surfaces made ​​with non-toxic finishes and natural oils.

Pa&Co design is able to offer an aesthetic fascinating thanks to the refinement of the project and the accuracy expressed in the realization of individual jobs that become art.